Through my images, videos, and installations I explore my obsession with character archetypes
found in history, literature, academia, and film, such as the mythic hero, the mad scientist,
and the artist as social outlier.

We generally understand that these archetypes are models of reality, and not reality itself.
Yet we subconsciously allow them to influence our understanding and expectations
of the world.

My work comes from the desire for these models of reality to be true. I am exploring the
disjunction in knowing that nostalgia and fantasy are not true, and the desire for them
to be true.

In this work my fantasies merge with my understanding of reality in whatever
way it will. I am allowing combinations to happen without the limitation of rational criteria.
By allowing art, history,folklore, fiction, and nostalgia to merge I hope to create
combinations that are both absurd, and satirical.