Matthew Borgen is a native of Akron, Ohio. While studying drawing
at The University of Akron he was selected to participate in
Creative Communities, a project undertaken in partnership with the
Akron Art Museum, which sent twenty artists into the wards of
Akron to create art with members of the community.
The work was later presented as an exhibition in the Museum.
He was awarded a BFA in drawing in 1998.

After a year spent living and working in Chicago, He received a
scholarship to continue his studies at the University of Minnesota.
While in Minnesota he maintained bodies of work in both painting
and installation and exhibited in Minneapolis, MN, St. Paul, MN,
Akron, OH, Menomonie, WI, and Arlington, MA. His paintings were
also included in New American Paintings The MFA Annual.
Borgen was awarded his Masters in Fine Arts in 2002.

Since moving to Philadelphia, PA in 2003 Borgen has focused on
creating videos and installations that deal with the relationship
between nostalgia and history, how one is often mistaken for the other,
and how that phenomenon affects the perception of contemporary
art and culture.

He has exhibited nationally, including The Urban Institute for
Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, Mi, and The 621 Gallery in
Tallahassee, FL, in addition to presenting his work in the greater
Philadelphia area. He is currently the Exhibitions Coordinator
for Arcadia University. In addition he is an Adjunct Professor in
the foundations curriculum and also teaches an advanced
course in contemporary gallery installation.